The Salmon Princess: An Alaska Cinderella Story

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There once was a place where a girl could walk across the sea on the backs of so many wild salmon.... In a small southeast Alaska village, cinder works hard helping her family clean fish. But what she really wants to do is wear a beautiful dress and dance at the Silver Salmon Festival. With some magical help from Eagle, Cinder's adventure begins! Richly illustrated with colorful details, "The Salmon Princess" puts a uniquely Alaskan spin on the classic Cinderella tale.

In this adaptation of the well-loved fairy tale, the father still has his head in the clouds and the stepmother is as mean as ever. But this story is set in the Last Frontier, and its details and imagery reflect Alaska’s landscape and sensibility: the fairy godmother becomes an eagle spirit, the glass slipper a fisherwoman’s boot. Evocative writing and colorful artwork distinguish this playful retelling of the classic. Here children learn about cultures and ways of life but happy endings are still the rule.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review