Denali's Mosses and Lichens

Denali's Mosses and Lichens

Interior Alaska is truly a land of mosses and lichens. They are draped on trees, nestled together in the tundra, and plastered on rocks. With a combined total of over 1000 species, they are one of the most diverse species groups in Denali National Park and Preserve. Join Denali botanist Sarah Stehn for an introduction to the smallest, yet ever-present members of Alaska’s vegetation. We will spend our time investigating the biology and ecology of these mysterious organisms, striking out across the landscape to explore the many microsites they inhabit, while learning to identify the most common and charismatic species.

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Optional Pre-Course Browsing List: Bryophyte Ecology by Janice M. Glime, Twelve Readings on the Lichen Thallus by Trevor Goward

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