The Stars, the Snow, the Fire: Twenty-Five Years in the Alaska Wilderness

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In this wilderness classic, the quintessential Alaskan frontiersman relates his experiences from over twenty years as a homesteader. As New York Newsday has said of his work, If Alaska had not existed, Haines might well have invented it.

"As a painter and one of our country's foremost poets, Haines has done more than his share to help preserve the nature he loves. Many people have gone into the wilderness and been inspired; only a handful have emerged with the enviable ability of a John Haines to enrich us with first-rate stories about how-and how deeply-they lived." -- Sierra

"Such a life may not be possible again. So it is good that a writer of Mr. Hainess rare vision and poetic eloquence lived this life, and good that he has shared it." -- New York Times Book Review


(No reviews yet) Write a Review