Denali: The Story Behind the Scenery

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At the apex of the Alaska Range is the mighty Denali massif--centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve and North America's highest mountain.  For centuries, people have been attracted to the region's dynamic scenery and abundant wildlife--bear, sheep, moose and caribou--which roam freely through cold and remote settings.

Here, we witness wild landscapes and watch dynamic struggles of life and death in a subarctic ecosystem.  Indescribably beautiful, the Denali wilderness tests the scope of physical endurance and often provides supreme adventure.

Denali, the Story Behind the Scenery, escorts the reader on a stunningly interpretive festival of brilliant illustrations, photographs and descriptions.  This wonderful book provides an in-depth tour of the tundra, massive active glaciers, soaring mountain peaks, forests, rivers and wildlife that surround what the original Athabascans called "The High One"--Denali. 

9" x 12", Paperback, 48 pages, 82 color photos & 2 maps


(No reviews yet) Write a Review