Snapshots from the Past: A Roadside History of Denali NP&P

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Explore park history through a tour of the park road with this book written by Jane Bryant. Full of historic photographs to compare against a modern visit.

Visitors come to Denali National Park and Preserve for many reasons some to see spectacular scenery and the continent's highest peak, some to see wildlife, and some for a wilderness experience. In addition, there is the cultural story to discover, since humans have been a part of this landscape for thousands of years. Prehistoric hunter-gatherers roamed the hills, intent on providing food for their families; explorers trekked through the area making maps, prospectors and miners searched for valuable minerals, and park visitors have sought inspiration, education, and recreation.

Travelers on the long and winding park road view a snapshot in time, of life today, but the road passes sites that go back in time, rich in history. This book presents snapshots of the past and tells stories about the sites, providing the perspective of decades.

The book is arranged to follow the park road from east to west, from the park entrance to Kantishna, 92 miles away. There are few milage markers to assist in locating sites. Instead, directions are given using landmarks whenever possible, and detailed maps are included at the beginning of each section. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review