National Wildlife Refuges of Alaska: Wild Wonders, Wild Lands

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Alaska's 16 national wildlife refuges are a legacy in trust for animals and people. Containing 77 million acres of refuge lands--more than 80% of all national wildlife refuge lands in the United States--their wild lands and wild wonders are unmatched. 
  • They are the nation's only refuges that protect habitat for caribou, muskoxen, emperor geese, gyrfalcons, polar bears, and nesting tundra swans.
  • They shelter 40 million seabirds, the majority of all nesting seabirds in North America.
  • They are nurseries for some of the largest runs of wild salmon in the world.
  • Migratory birds from five continents depend on the bounty of Alaska's refuges to next and raise each generation.
Written by former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee and Alaska resident, Elaine Rhode, Wild Wonders, Wild Lands is a lyrical entrance to Alaska's incredible refuges. 8.5 x 11" 58pgs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review