Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: Out in the Country - Alaska Geographic's National Park Book Series

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By Steve Kahn and Anne Coray

Discover a world of pristine Alaska wilderness, where steaming volcanoes rise above glaciated valleys, jagged mountains soar above turquoise lakes, and tundra-covered foothills descend into lush boreal forest. This stirring overview celebrates the breathtaking scenery, thriving wildlife, and rich human history of one of Alaska's most rugged park lands. 

This beautifully designed, full-color book features captivating prose, stunning photography from Fred Hirschmann, and insights into the fascinating natural and cultural history that defines this majestic wild land.


  • The Place of a Name
  • Trails The Lead To and Away
  • Surge and Sweep: Changing Landscapes
  • Q’ich’idya Was Last
  • The Many Colors of Gold
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: Out in the Country is one in a series of award-winning books from Alaska Geographic highlighting Alaska's national parks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review