In the Shadow of Mount McKinley

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These tales and descriptions of the Mt. McKinley area of Alaska were written by on of the world's most famous big-game hunters, William N. Beach. The riveting accounts of hunting expeditions for caribou, bear, moose, and mountain sheep are ably illustrated with both photos taken by the author and by color plates of stunning paintings by Carl Rungius. It's a thrilling armchair journey with one of the first explorers and hunters in this part of North America. The descriptions of this wild land will have you packing your bags to visit the last great wilderness America has to offer.

William Beach was a hunter, adventurer, and photographer whose travels and reports were instrumental in the development of the American conservation movement.

"His account charms with its faithful reporting of the details of the travel ordeals in that almost trackless land." -The New York Times Book Review


(No reviews yet) Write a Review