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Weather Station: Contains all the tools a young meteorologist needs to study the effects of weather on the environment. This multi-function weather kit contains a full set of basic tools to observe and record weather conditions around the home. The kit includes a functional wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer and a rain gauge for measuring local weather conditions. Use the kit and a recycled soda bottle to create a terrarium to study the greenhouse effect on plants. Fully assembled, the weather station measures 8.5-inches by 4.75-inches, making it ideal for sitting on a desktop or bookshelf. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

Clean Water Science: Teaches young minds about the science of water purification and recycling. This kit contains all the components necessary to perform three different experiments: solar water purification, water desalinization, and a carbon filtration system. Perfect for young science enthusiasts, these experiments expand your child's knowledge in chemistry and the environment. Detailed instructions for each experiment and fun science facts are included.

Weather Science: Includes six exciting activities that help children understand how real-world weather works. Kids can experiment with static electricity that causes lightning, make clouds right in their palm, build a desktop water cycle model, watch air currents that produce wind, and study the greenhouse effect along with acid rain. Along with necessary supplies, this kit also includes easy-to-follow instructions and fun weather facts that keep kids engaged. Common household items are required for some experiments. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review