Gold Rush Dogs

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By Claire Rudolf Murphy and Jane G. Haigh

Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award

Dog lovers and history buffs will delight in this collection celebrating the beloved canines that offered companionship, protection, and hard work to their masters in the Far North.

This canine collective biography highlights the accomplishments of nine dogs from the Yukon that worked as “packhorse, transit system, security guard, and pal rolled into one.” Several have legendary reputations: John Muir’s Stickeen explored glaciers with his master; Balto achieved motion picture fame; Nero and Julian were said to be the inspiration for Buck in Jack London’s Call of the Wild. Accompanying the main text are numerous sidebars on related topics, ranging from information on the Great Serum Run that took place in 1925 and the Canadian Mounties to background on dog breeds and the Iditarod.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review