Arctic Flight: Adventures Amongst Northern Birds (ON SALE)

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Arctic Flight is a collection of sketches, paintings made by James McCallum during trips to see the birdlife of Northern and Arctic regions. There are main chapters on Finnish Lapland, Arctic Norway, Alaska and Chukotka in Far East Siberia.

There are written accounts of species such as arctic redpolls, arctic hares, bluethroats, Lapland buntings, hawk owls, phalaropes, skuas, divers, willow grouse and Steller's, common and king eiders to name but a few. There are also accounts of summers spent with specialist species such as the endangered spoon-billed sandpiper.

All of the paintings were completed in the field and the written accounts are formed from diaries and notebooks, giving a flavour of living and travelling through remote northern and arctic regions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review