Alaska's Glaciers Frozen in Motion

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What does a glacier look like? What does a glacier sound like? What does a glacier feel like? And what, exactly, is a glacier? With each turn of the page, this eye-catching book reveals something new and exciting about Alaska's glaciers. Starting with the answers to these questions and more, readers journey through a land of ever-changing glaciers and discover the fascinating science behind the formation and movement of a glacier, life on the ice, and what's next for Alaska's glaciers. Geared for a young audience yet appealing to all ages, this unique book not only reads well but offers a map of Alaska showing the most accessible places to see a glacier, an illustrated diagram details the anatomy of a glacier, and a line-up of "Glacier All-stars" explains the different types of glaciers. Interactive sidebars on almost every spread call-out important information such as safety, recipe for glacial ice, and what "glacier stripes" are and how they got there.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review