Airman's Arctic Survival Guide

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"Wars are fought outdoors." - Belmore Browne (1880-1954), American artist, illustrator, explorer and experienced outdoorsman, advising top military brass on the importance of survival training for US airmen being sent on flights to the far north.

During World War II and the Korean War, as Civilian Consultant for the Arctic Training School, Browne prepared courses based on his lectures and original poster-sized diagrams to teach military airmen the craft of survival. His instruction is presented here in a handsome collection. Previously inaccessible to the public, Browne's 38 unique, original diagrams reflect a stimulating partnership of artistry and outdoor skills. His lectures and other writings discuss the challenges and opportunities for the ditched airman - and are germane for today's Boy Scout or aspiring adventurer. Assembled from primary sources by the author's granddaughter, this volume offers practical outdoor information, wilderness history and resilient philosophy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review