A Woolly Mammoth Journey

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Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. By Debbie S. Miller

A Woolly Mammoth Journey travels back in time to follow a pack of woolly mammoths across rivers, plains, and glacial ridges on their annual migration to familiar feeding grounds. Along the way, a new calf is born and learns to walk, use her trunk to get food, and play with other young mammoths in the herd. As the seasons pass, the mammoths prepare for the long winter and try to protect each other from predators and the changing climate. Packed with information and featuring vibrant full-color illustrations, A Woolly Mammoth Journey brings the far-distant past—and its long-lost wildlife—strikingly close.

A classic once again in print, A Woolly Mammoth Journey is perfect for second- and third-graders and a great read-aloud for younger children.

32 pages | 15 color plates | 10 x 8 | © 2010


(No reviews yet) Write a Review