Denali Rescue Volunteers

Denali Rescue Volunteers

denalirescue-type-267.jpgAlaska Geographic has partnered with fellow non-profit, Denali Rescue Volunteers, in support of Denali National Park & Preserve.

Denali Rescue Volunteers support the volunteers in parks who donate their time, skills, and expertise to protect Denali's mountaineering visitors and preserve its glaciated wilderness. Denali attracts climbers from around the world. VIPs/Volunteers in parks have been integral to the ranger program since its conception in the 1970s, providing medical and technical assistance to imperiled climbers. Without volunteers in parks on every ranger patrol, the rangers' ability to support climbers in need would be greatly diminished.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these items goes to support Denali Rescue Volunteers. Learn more about Denali's Mountaineering Volunteers-in-Parks and the brave Denali Mountaineering Rangers in Denali Dispatches

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