The Rhythm of Denali's Mammals

The Rhythm of Denali's Mammals

The myriad of mammal species in Denali are intricately tied together through cyclic fluctuations, patterns of reproduction, and the climate and ecological extremes of this northern ecosystem. Join long time resident and naturalist Nan Eagleson to examine the landscape for animal life in Denali’s treeless tundra, boreal forest and river bars. From the charismatic megafauna to the voles, lemmings and shrews, the predator-prey relationships play out in a natural state here. On outings we will look for tracks and scats that suggest their food habits while keeping a sharp eye out for wildlife of all sorts. Climate change and its impact on the lives of northern animals, in the backdrop of this fragile ecosystem, will be part of a discussion for our vision of their future.

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