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Salmon Life Cycle Learning Cards

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Product Overview

Learn all about a salmon's lifecycle, habitat, and anatomy with these hand-painted learning cards.

The cards illustrate each part of a salmon's amazing life cycle and include interesting facts about habitat and anatomy.

Perfect for kids who are interested in nature and science. Excellent addition to a classroom or as a homeschool resource. Use these cards for outdoor education, STEM homeschool lessons, gifts for young science lovers, or just an easy lesson or activity to do at home with your children.

Included in this set:
Eleven 5 x 5 inch square cards printed on thick card stock with rounded corners
Cards come in a resealable button and string envelope for easy storage.

  • Lifecycle overview card
  • Eggs
  • Alevin
  • Fry
  • Smolt
  • Adult Salmon
  • Spawning Salmon
  • Journey's End
  • Salmon Anatomy
  • Extension Activities
  • Salmon Vocabulary Card


(No reviews yet) Write a Review