Pete Puffin's Wild Ride : Cruising Alaska's Currents

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Join Pete Puffin on his wild ride cruising Alaska's currents with this colorfully illustrated children's book. A young boy comes to Alaska on a family vacation, bringing with him his favorite toy, Pete Puffin, a wooden puffin carved by his grandfather. In an exciting moment at sea, the toy slips through the boy's fingers off the side of the cruise ship.

In the main storyline, Pete recounts his wild ride cruising Alaska's currents. A secondary storyline comes from the boy, Eddy, writing postcards to his grandfather. Woven throughout are educational themes about the ocean and its animals, currents, and health.

The book also includes nine flip-over postcards, adding an element of interactivity to engage youngsters.

The story is based on real events. A container of toys was lost overboard in the North Pacific in 1992, riding the currents until they landed on beaches in Russia, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and even the Atlantic coast of North America. The true story is described in the back of the book.

Libby Hatton previously illustrated the award-winning children's book, Ballad of the Wild Bear, also published by Alaska Geographic.

Pete Puffin's Activity Guide PDF download available upon request. This 84 page guide includes lessons and activities for students in grades 2-5.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review