Native Cultures in Alaska: Looking Forward, Looking Back

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In the minds of most Americans, Native culture in Alaska amounts to Eskimos and igloos....The latest publication of the Alaska Geographic Society offers an accessible and attractive antidote to such misconceptions. Native Cultures in Alaska blends beautiful photographs with informative text to create a striking portrait of the state's diverse and dynamic indigenous population.

Table of Contents:
Introduction Uniquely Alaskan
Chapter 1 Alaska’s Native Cultures and Homelands
Chapter 2 Looking Forward, Looking Back
Chapter 3 Unanga{ (Aleut)
Riding Ungiikan Home, by Barbara Švarný Carlson
Chapter 4 Sugpiaq (Alutiiq)
Who Are We, Anyway? by Gordon Pullar
Chapter 5 Yup’ik
The Four Seasons of Manokotak, by Anecia Lomack
Yup’ik Dance Masks: Stories of Culture
Chapter 6 Siberian Yupik
Chapter 7 Iñupiat
A Time for Whaling, by Sheila Frankson
Chapter 8 Athabascan
People of the Yukon Flats, by Velma Wallis
Chapter 9 Eyak
Chapter 10 Tlingit
Carving Traditions, by Nathan Jackson
Chapter 11 Tsimshian
Chapter 12 Haida
Delores Churchill: The Weaver’s Daughter


(No reviews yet) Write a Review