Mammals of Denali

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Denali National Park is a special place where visitors can glimpse the drama of life in the wild. A ride on a park bus may reveal a grizzly mother nursing her cubs, a band of sheep grazing amongst the hills, or a wolf trotting back to its den.

Adolph Murie wrote Mammals of Denali based on his work done at Denali National Park in the middle of the past century. Over the years, Murie's studies developed into a standard for succeeding biologists. His work in Denali on predator-prey relationships was ground-breaking and changed the way that biologists viewed predators, especially the wolf.

Mammals of Denali reveals Murie's love for wildlife existing in a natural state. We are fortunate to have his works to introduce us to the special place that is Denali National Park.

This fourth edition of Mammals of Denali, written by National Park Service biologist Adolph Murie, was first published in 1962 under the title Mammals of Mount McKinley by the Alaska Natural History Association, now operating as Alaska Geographic. On this 60th anniversary of the first edition, Alaska Geographic celebrates Adolph Murie and this truly seminal work, which for 60 years has provided such wonderful context to the Denali National Park and Preserve experience, whether virtual or observational.

7 x 10", 80 pgs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review