Kenai Fjords National Park: A Rare Jewel in a Perfect Setting - Alaska Geographic's National Park Book Series

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By Andromeda Romano-Lax

Calving glaciers, ice-choked waters, rocky coasts shrouded in fog--the same landscape that challenged the earliest people and discouraged early explorers now attracts throngs of visitors to Kenai Fjords National Park. Today's visitors come to explore the park's 400 miles of shoreline and to catch a glimpse of the whales, sea otters, and sea birds that call this area home. 

The lyrical writing and stunning photographs in this book tell the compelling story of the ancient people of the fjords, the science behind the making of the fjords and this unique coastline, the incredible abundance of life that exists here both above and below the sea, and, finally, a brief history of the Seward area and look at the future of the park lands. 

  • Intro: The Fog Lifts
  • People of the Fjords
  • Braving the Elements
  • Life on the Edge
  • A New Century in Seward

Kenai Fjords National Park: A Rare Jewel in a Perfect Setting is one in a series of award-winning books from Alaska Geographic highlighting Alaska's national parks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review