Julie by Jean Craighead George

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The sequel to Jean Craighead George’s Newbery Medal–winning classic about an Eskimo girl: Julie returns to her father’s village and tries to find a way to save her wolves, in a refreshed package in time for the anniversary of Jean’s 100th birthday.

Julie’s decision to return home to her people is not an easy one. But after months in the wilderness and living in harmony with the wolves that saved her life, she knows that time has come. Her arrival home brings unexpected surprises—many Eskimo traditions have been forsaken. And Julie’s father now wants to shoot any wolves that might threaten the herd of musk oxen that he looks after. Julie knows she must find a way to reconcile the old ways with the new. How can she do that without putting her beloved wolves in danger?

Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

256 pages
Series: Julie of the Wolves
7.6 in H | 5.1 in W | 0.5 in T | 0.4 lb Wt


(No reviews yet) Write a Review