Guide to the Birds of Alaska, 6th edition

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GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF ALASKA has been a must-have for Alaska birders for more than thirty years. In the sixth edition, Robert Armstrong provides hundreds of new photographs. Every bird is now illustrated including the casuals and accidentals. This comprehensive guide provides the most current knowledge about the birds in Alaska.

22 species of birds have been added to this new edition. More than 900 full-color photos, including 400 new to this edition. Incorporates all changes in names and systematics made by the American Ornithological Union. Updated status and distribution charts showing the seasonal occurrence of each bird in Alaska’s six biogeographic regions. Detailed information on field marks, behavior, similar species, voice, and habitat. Useful map of Alaska’s six biogeographic regions. Checklist of all species for birder’s use. Comprehensive reading list and index. Alaska Audubon will receive 50 percent of the royalties from the sales of this book to help bird conservation in Alaska. 

Robert H. Armstrong, Nils Warnock (Foreword by), 2015
Paperback, 368 pages, 900 full-color photographs, 1 full-color map
8.4 in H | 5.4 in W


(No reviews yet) Write a Review