DVD - Valley of Great Migrations - Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

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Wild Alaska prompts visions of crystalline streams churned by spawning salmon, long threads of migrating caribou, flotillas of ducks, geese, or swans with downy young bobbing in their wakes; untamed lands much like they were when the first peoples migrated here. It's the job of Alaska's 16 national wildlife refuges to protect these special places- and the miracles that occur within them. 

With this DVD you get access to all of Alaska’s magnificent refuges in five films — three high definition films and two extra bonus features.

Alaska’s Living Legacy: National Wildlife Refuges of Alaska
View intimate close-ups of Alaska’s wildlife refuges through the seasons. (15 minutes)

Valley of Great Migrations: Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge
Travel through Tetlin Refuge, bordering the famous Alaska Highway. (17 minutes)

Rivers of Life: Togiak National Wildlife Refuge
Fly to Togiak Refuge where angling enthusiasts from around the world come to fish. (12 minutes)

Vast, Extreme, Wild – Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge (9 minutes)
Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges (28 minutes)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review