DVD - Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge - Journey of the Tiglax

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Mountains of icy green sea, cacophonous bird cliffs, and vicious weather are all just part of a day’s work for the men and women of the M/V Tiglax, research vessel of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. Journey
with them to the distant, misty islands of Alaska to learn the story of this remarkable refuge, home to most of North America’s seabirds and countless marine mammals. Visit isolated refuge field camps where scientists work to unlock the secrets of island wildlife. Experience the vastness of this refuge of 2500 islands, rocks, and reefs scattered along Alaska’s coast from the British Columbia border to the tip of the Aleutian chain and north to the Chukchi Sea. “It’s like going on a Jacques Cousteau adventure into a place that’s incredibly alive with wildlife and volcanoes, yet seen by so few people,” said past refuge manager Greg Siekaniec.
“This film gives you a glimpse of the Aleutians and beyond.”
31 minutes
Coded for all world regions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review