Dragonflies of Alaska

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Learn how to identify all 35 species of dragonflies found in Alaska. Discover many of the fascinating aspects of dragonfly behavior that you can see yourself. Beautiful close-up color photographs plus detailed line drawings by Robert Cannings will help you learn about Alaska’s dragonflies.
John Hudson is an entomologist and fish biologist who has studied dragonflies in Alaska since 1997. Robert Armstrong has authored and illustrated many books and articles on the natural history of Alaska.

The digital version comes on a 4 GB Flash Drive. This package includes a PDF with 11 embedded videos about the behavior of dragonflies. One is about "How Dragonflies Fly" and another shows "How Alaska's State Insect Gets Food". It includes a high-quality PDF of the book Dragonflies of Alaska. This book covers the identification and behavior of all species of dragonflies known to occur in Alaska. This means you can always have an electronic version of the field guide with you as you travel about the State. We have also included a PDF of Dragons in the Ponds which is a children's book about these amazing insects. All of this is available on an attached 4 GB credit card sized flash drive that is compatible with Macintosh and Windows PCs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review