Common Tracks of Alaska Field Guide

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This guide is for common tracks and other signs left by animals in Alaska. Remember that tracks and scat may not appear exactly as shown here. Individuals of the same species vary in size, and tracks differ depending on an animal’s gait, speed, and what surface they are on. Older tracks will appear more indistinct due to weather and time.

To identify tracks in the field and interpret what you’ve found, it is important to use visible clues as well as knowledge about animals’ habits.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
• What type of animal is it? An ungulate? A canid? A bird?
• Based on the track size and characteristics, what species can you rule out?
• What likely species are the most common in this habitat?
• What do they typically eat at this time of year, and what are they usually doing? Are they usually alone, or with a group?
• Are there any other signs close by, like more tracks, scat, or marks on vegetation? Do these signs support or contradict the species you have in mind?

When taking pictures of tracks to identify later, include an object with a known size for scale.

In the scat images provided here, the circle indicates a penny for scale.
The measurements given for tracks in this guide include the marks of nails and dewclaws, which may or may not always register.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review