Boxed Note Cards - Evon Zerbetz

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Eight 5 x 7 blank cards from Ketchikan artist Evon Zerbetz. 

Printed in the USA on Forest Certified Paper

Includes envelopes made of recycled paper

Packed in a recloseable chipboard box.

Sea Life: Coastal Alaskans LOVE their sea life. We have an intense bond with creatures that live in that vast frontier - the deep ocean. Depending on how you measure, it's estimated that Alaska has more than 49,000 miles of coastline, more than the Lower 48 states combined. 

Whale Dance: You would have to be a mind reader to know why a whale leaps free of the water, a balletic move called "breaching." Scientists offer many theories including: to wash barnacles from their skin, to assert dominance, or warn of danger. The loud smack upon re-entering the water may be useful to stun prey...or, a whale's big leap could simply be for play. Evon spots whale spouts from her workshop, in her hometown island community of Ketchikan. 

Animal Dreams: Features images from the picture book Dream Flights on Arctic Nights. A child is led through a dream by three guide birds, visiting northern animals as they fly through the night sky. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review