Backpack - Junior Ranger

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Product Overview

This awesome green, gray, and silver Junior Ranger backpack will help your little one Explore, Learn, and Discover all about the National Park system. Three large compartments provide ample space for schoolbooks, adventure supplies, or toys. The largest compartment even has a pouch for a laptop or tablet!

Featuring extra padding on the back for extra comfort and water bottle pouches on each side, the Junior Ranger backpack will keep your child cool and comfortable on their next hike or while they wait for the bus. The special reflective material on the straps and front of the backpack means your Junior Ranger will easily be spotted by flashlights or headlights during low-light situations.

The backpack also comes with a working compass attached via carabiner and an official Junior Ranger rubber emblem!

Product Details

  • Backpack measures 13''x15''
  • Front zippered pocket  7.5''x11''
  • Adjustable straps
  • Reflective material
  • Detachable carabiner


(No reviews yet) Write a Review