Alaska's Dog Heroes: True Stories of Remarkable Canines

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Dogs really are a person's best friend in Alaska. These true canine stories from the last frontier describe remarkable acts of intelligence, stamina, loyalty, and heroism by some of Alaska's most famous dogs.

Balto, Togo, Tekla, Stickeen--some of the real-life dogs heroes from the pages of Alaska's history whose exciting stories are told in this beautifully illustrated picture book. From traversing mountains in winter with deliveries of life-saving medicine toremote villages to fighting off bears and finding lost children, these canines perform amazing deeds that exhibit intelligence, stamina, loyalty, and heroism. These dogs are hard workers, but one of their most important tasks is to provide comfort and friendship on dark, cold snowy nights.

Age 6-9 years Grades 1-4
10.89 "W x 8.50 "H x 0.12 "D | 32 pages
Part of PAWS IV
Written by Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Robin James


(No reviews yet) Write a Review