Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series

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Did you know flying squirrels live in Alaska? Or that rockfish are some of the longest-lived vertebrates in the world? (One shortraker rockfish in Southeast Alaska lived for 205 years!) Written by experts on each species, this new edition contains accounts of more than 150 animals and birds from humpback whales to shrews to puffins. Each species account contains a description of the animal and how it survives in Alaska.

The Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series is an encyclopedia of Alaska’s wildlife, ranging from little brown bats to blue whales. Included are: big game, small game, furbearers, nongame animals, birds, fish, shellfish, reptile and amphibians. Each chapter offers insights into the life history, reproductions, feeding habits, management and conservation of Alaska’s diverse wildlife.

300-page black and white book


(No reviews yet) Write a Review