Alaska Wildlife Impressions

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Photographer Steven Kazlowski brings us Alaska's wildlife in its many beautiful settings: migratory birds in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Dall sheep clinging to cliffs in the Brooks Range, red foxes, moose, and musk oxen on the interior tundra, marine life along the fjords of the Kenai Peninsula, sea otters on the bleak Aleutian Islands. Experience life in the Last Frontier.

"A black bear roams the slopes above a glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park to feed on vegetation. Black bears, which can vary in color from blue-back to cinnamon, are most easily distinguished from brown bears by their straight facial profile and sharply curved claws, which are rarely longer than one and a half inches."
-from page 27

"White-sided dolphins surface and dive for onlookers in Resurrection Bay. While primarily a deepwater species, they are being spotted more frequently in inland waters and seem to enjoy bow riding, surfing, and somersaulting."
-from page 47


(No reviews yet) Write a Review