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Alaska Range: Exploring the Last Great Wild

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A dazzling siren-song for climbers, explorers, and conservationists alike

  • The first and only book to showcase one of the world's most wild, inaccessible, and mysterious mountain ranges
  • Denali National Park & Preserve, the core of the Alaska Range, celebrates its centennial in 2017

Stretching across more than 650 miles like a crescent moon rising over central Alaska, the Alaska Range is a wall of formidable mountains that separates the south central coast from the interior of the state. It is best known for encompassing Denali National Park and Preserve, but while Denali is one of the largest mountains on Earth, it occupies a small part of the entire Alaska Range.

Award-winning photographer Carl Battreall has spent eight years exploring and photographing this remote and often inhospitable terrain, the result of which is this inspiring new book, Alaska Range. His obvious love for alpine environments and glaciated landscapes shines through in what is a groundbreaking volume about one of the last truly wild mountain ranges on Earth.

Battreall's imagery and personal experiences anchor Alaska Range, while a collection of essays-by beloved Alaskan writers and adventurers Art Davidson, Roman Dial, Jeff Benowitz, Verna Pratt, Bill Sherwonit, Brian Okonek, and Clint Helander--provide rich context, examining the range's geology, recounting its exploration and mountaineering histories, and delving into an intimate look at the flora and fauna.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review