DVD - Fountain of Life Widescreen - Glacier Bay

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Product Overview

2 Disk Set

A film that captures the highlights of Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay has awed and inspired millions. "Fountains of Life: brings to you all of the sights and sounds of this unique place. From calving glaciers to a wondrous variety of wildlife - it's all here.

How do glaciers form? Where can wildlife be spotted? Why is the ice blue? How did Glacier Bay become a National Park? These and many other frequently asked questions are answered with stunning footage that tells these stories.

Disc 1

Main Feature: Fountain of Life

  • Narrative explaining Glacier Bay
  • Wildlife bonus footage
  • Calving Glaciers bonus footage

Disc 2

Glacier Bay Serenity

  • Dramatic wide-screen panoramas
  • Moving musical accompaniment


(No reviews yet) Write a Review